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Friday, March 24, 2017

Strata sewing.........

I switched two colors since the photo yesterday, the blue and purple.  I sewed more strata pieces last night.  I have one more section to sew and then I can sew them together into the full stratas.  

I went out yesterday afternoon and did some trimming on bushes.  Our first free brush pick up will be the first Monday in April.  I dragged the two piles I already had from winter branches falling as well as an earlier session of brush cutting in February to the end of the driveway.  Today it is supposed to be up in the 70s so I will probably do a little yard work.  This is the earliest I have ever gotten my flower beds cleaned off.  The peonies are peeking out of the ground.  I only saw one hosta starting.  They usually wait until later in April.


Linda Swanekamp said...

The strata sing spring to me. Raining and in the 30s here. At least last week's snow dump is almost gone. There are some bulbs peaking out, although that dreaded, nasty wild garlic is running rampant again. No matter how much I pull out, it invades with a vengeance. Hope to get to the long arm today.

Hedy Hahn said...

Your strips sure look like spring to me. Love all those pastels. My hyacinth are blooming and things are turning green here slowly. No hosta up as far as I can see but to be honest, they are buried under tons of leaves. The peony are coming up about 8 inches now and so are many other flowers I don't know what they are. I'm so looking forward to when they are up and blooming, I love my flower garden

Lana said...

I'm finding your pairing of complimentary colors (purple-yellow, blue-orange) very pleasing in this quilt strata. Your productivity is inspiring.

JJM said...

OMG Wanda I just looked at your accu - weather 81 degrees ! ! ! Now that is summer temps.

Enjoyed going back and seeing all that I have missed in the last week. Todays rainbow of colors for your TWA is so lovely. Stepping back seeing your black and white TWA in comparison is like night and day. Your awesome designing always calls be back to see what you are working on every day.

All three and families were home... a great family reunion, that we had not had in years and years.