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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Still playing...........

This is what happens when I put everything away when company is coming.  After they leave I don't know what to work on because nothing is laying out all over the place.  But.....that is OK because I'm having fun.  I added on to some of the smaller blocks yesterday and also made the four long strips with a bunch of small pieces.  I seemed to have way too many small pieces so this was a fun way to weed them down a little.   I paired some of the pieces that may become an extension to the piece that is already sewn (to make into a table runner).  I could have worked on the sunflower blocks for the Farm Girl quilt but I didn't want to think too hard.
I got my answer yesterday on the balloon flowers.....I still have two colors of them.  The white one used to be a pale pink but it is mostly white now.

There are LOTS of buds.

I must have planted my Dahlia bulbs the right way because they are growing.  I can't wait to see how large the flowers are.  These are the dinner plate variety.


Hedy Hahn said...

Lovely white flowers, I have only the purple, they have been blooming profusely for about a week or so. Your design wall looks interesting, I think you have a plan for these blocks.... Have a great Fourth of July weekend.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I don't know how many times I have tried to plant Dahlias only to never have them come up, one day I will try again - it seems the last time I tried I found them rotting in the ground - I should try in a pot sometime

Needled Mom said...

The blue and white look so pretty together.