Friday, July 29, 2016

Found the pattern...............

I spent some time looking for the pattern for the butterfly blocks I showed yesterday.  It was just under a few other things and not visible until I moved the pile.  It is published by the same lady that did the Bento Box pattern.
I have 23 more bodies made and other background pieces cut for 6 blocks.  Maybe next week I can get some wings cut.

Today is the day my granddaughter's family arrives to move into the house they purchased.  They haven't seen it yet, just photos on the Internet plus photos the family has sent to them.  The interior has all been cleaned and painted so it is ready for them to move in.  I delivered 2 batches of cookies to be there when they arrive. 

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Sherrill said...

I LOVE the butterflies and now that I know the pattern name, may just have to grab one for myself! :-) So glad to hear you GDG will be closer to you. That will be wonderful.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

good luck to your granddaughter - I would really want to have seen the house first and do a walk through, see the neighborhood etc before I bought a house but I know a lot of people are doing it this way now

Jeanne Holmes said...

I love to read your blog every day. You help inspire me to keep on keeping on (that phrase certainly dates me).
I thought I recognized the butterfly pattern and when I saw it I was delighted. The pattern is published by our own Tracey Brookshier. She is a delightful woman who is in my local guild, PVQA in the Santa Cruz area. The pattern was designed by Gail Abeloe who owns a fabulous quilt shop Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove just a few blocks from Lover's Point. Gail always has an area in her shop where she has a mini quilt show so a trip to her shop is always a delight.

I thought you may enjoy the pattern a little more knowing about the two beautiful and talented women who created it. When I see this pattern, I think of the beach and the Monarch butterflies that winter here.

Thank you again for the joy you bring me with your blog and thank you for sharing your work.

Marie said...

Freshly baked cookies - I can't think of a warmer welcome. I'm certain that you are looking forward to having them live close by.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

A wonderful way to be welcomed to a new home. Scary way to buy a new home, but necessary I suppose. Hope it is all they expect and want. Lovely butterflies.

Kate said...

This is amazing. I heard Tracey Brookshier speak on Saturday, and showed this pattern. Later I forgot her name and wanted to find the pattern. And now here it is !!!!

Guess I'm meant to buy it !!


Nancy A: said...

Your butterflies are beautiful. I love your use of color and pattern.