Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Links to student posts.....

Here is one more photo from yesterday's class.  You can see we are having a lot of fun.
As promised here are links to 2 student's posts about the classes.  If I find more I'll link to them too.



Barbara said...

fun fun photos of everybody and their creations. I will be there in 49 hours - yeah !

and I obviously missed the word about that exquisite bag of goodies for sale, Miss wanda ... crossed fingers that there might be a few available on Thursday

Many thanks for all the great posts about the exhibit and your stay in Charlotte. I know your daughter has had a wonderful time, having you with her this many days !

Lynne said...

It was fun reading the posts of your participants/viewers; thanks for linking to them.

Sheila said...

This WAS fun! We all had a blast learning about the color wheel, warm and cool colors, textures and color values! Thank you Wanda :D

Anonymous said...

The more photo's you post on your classes the more envious I become. Would you sell the packet for your color wash class to us out here in the sticks ? I can see I would enjoy working with the fabrics.

Enjoyed the photo's from your "Sunday Side Trip." Plus the links to sewcooktravel and periwinklequilts.


Pat said...

It looks as if everyone is enjoying the class and that this has been a successful trip and a great time to enjoy your daughter. Our weather is beautiful but still could use more rain. I am watering every day. The botanical gardens look like a great trip.