Saturday, May 5, 2018

One binding done, one almost done............

I had two friends over using my design walls to get their blocks laid out and then stacked in rows and clipped with numbers from old calendar pages and binder clips. 
The third friend got a lot of blocks sewn.  I just worked on my bindings.  I finished one and just have part of one edge to finish on the second.  A third one is quilted and I got it trimmed and chose the binding fabric.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I couldn't leave comments on some blogs even if I chose Google as my profile.  It was on blogs that have their comments set up as embedded.  If they change to pop up box for comments their blog recognizes my profile automatically.  The only problem then was the box to check that you aren't a robot and then you get all of those photos you have to check (such as all cars, or all road signs).  One of my readers told me you can just skip that Robot thing and hit Publish.  I tried and yes it works.  


Diane Koch said...

I would love to see what your friends work on too, if they'd be willing. It's always fun to see what other quilters are doing.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Bindings are the last step to finished! Can't wait to see the finished!

Connie said...

These fabrics are beautiful, I do hope you show their finished work:)
Mad about quilting!
Connie :)

Sally Langston Warren said...

Are you saying, all those times I played that “no, I am not a robot” game, it wasn’t necessary? ! Thank you for spreading the word. I will just hit Publsh next time!
I always want to enjoy that last step of handstitching the binding but often I am in a rush to get the quilt finished and wrapped for someone! I like that part because all decisions have been made and I can look at the fabrics and admire how they play with each other in the quilt as I stitch.