Tuesday, May 8, 2018

6 day pop-up shop..........

Tonight I will be back to my TV time sewing.  I have 140 triangle pairs already sewn and 36 more ready to sew.  Then I'll press all of them too.  

My 6 day mini pop-up shop starts today at noon EST.  Everyone on the subscriber list will get an email with a password for a 24 hour early access to the shop.  If you haven't signed up yet but want to here is a link.  There is also a sign up box on my right sidebar.  The password is case sensitive....if it is in all CAPS that is how you have to type it in.  On Wednesday at noon EST everyone can access the shop at exuberantcolor.com.  Link to the pop up shop is at the top right corner of the page.  The shop will close at midnight EST on Sunday May 13.

A few people mentioned they wished the photos were larger in the shop.  If you click on the product, a new page opens.  On that page is one larger photo with a few small photos under it.  Click on that large photo and it will go full screen and you can scroll through the photos with the arrow at the right edge of the screen.  To close that page there is an X in the upper right corner.  I hope you will all enjoy the new close up photos on several of the products.


MontyBear said...

Do you have to sign up for early access every time you have a pop up shop or do you just have to do it once?

JJM said...

Hi Wanda... For whatever reason the pass word is not being accepted ? I've tried several times and checked to make sure I got the correct password and no luck accessing your pop up. Is any one else having problems getting in ?


JJM said...

So I tried one more time and finally got it... I was putting in a space that didn't need to be in there. A GREAT showing once again, love the variety you are offering.