Tuesday, April 24, 2018

4 blocks............

I had a huge amount of clean up to do yesterday.  Almost every table in the basement had piles of fabric on them.  I have cleared off 4 of them and will do the rest later today.  Last night I was going through the workshop items and one of these blocks just needed one more strip and then trimming 2 of them into 10.5" squares.  I don't have a plan for them right now.  I have 2 more blocks started too.  All of these solid color fabrics are from the 1980s when I was teaching from Roberta Horton's Amish Adventure book.
I went out to fill the bird feeders and bird bath and noticed more plants starting to grow.  This one is a Columbine.  They are short and bushy when they first come up and then they send up tall flower stalks.

The Lungwort/Pulmonaria is usually large by this time.  I think the earliest flowers on it froze but now it is blooming.  60 degree weather for part of this week.

There are several batches of it.  It has hopped all over the back garden.  It is a good thing I like it.  I dug up several clumps and gave them to a friend last year.


patty a. said...

I am so behind in reading what you are up to. You have been busy as usual! My studio is such a mess! I plan on taking Thursday and Friday off this week and part of the time I need to spend cleaning the house.

JJM said...

Your solid blocks are GORGEOUS ! Of course you have such vivid solids like no one else and these make me smile.

I am repeating from yesterday, but I am so looking forward to your On-Line class for color wash. No hurry I won't have time till later myself.

I think we are ahead of you for our spring blossoms.... I have had 3 weeks of violets, daffodils and blue bonnets. (*._.*)


Needled Mom said...

Those blocks are so pretty.

It's such fun to see everything coming back to life in the warmer weather.

Nicole said...

Those blocks are fantastic! I love the saturated colours. Have fun making more and using these.