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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A little sewing, a little prep work.......

I finished trimming the blocks, decided on a layout and sewed the blocks together.  It ended up 22" x 44".  At first I thought I might quilt it with close parallel lines with a variegated thread from top to bottom.  Then I started questioning whether I really want the narrow lines to have stitching running through them.  Then I thought maybe I would quilt each block with matching thread in lines parallel to the narrow strip.  Next I thought maybe I would just ditch quilt between rows of blocks and on each side of the narrow band.  I will let this all percolate until I can make a decision.
I loaded this quilt on my longarm machine on Monday night but didn't start quilting it yet.  I also cut the binding for one quilt that was quilted  last week and will get it sewn on today.


Sequana said...

I just LOVE the Cherrywood one! It could be in the MQG show in Houston.

Soon as my check gets here I'm buying one of those grab bags.

Penny Schine Gold said...

I'll be very interested to see your quilting decision on this one! I've been planning something similar--but with a few narrow lines in each block. I love figuring out piecing, but the quilting usually stumps me.

Sheila said...

I was wondering how you would decide to quilt the quilt top in the first picture. I like it.
I absolutely love the batik strip quilt you have loaded on the long arm. All those beautiful colors going on. I remember you making the strip quilt series.

JJM said...

Love your layout on this piece. Dramatic is the first word that comes to my mind.

The quilting world sure has come a long, long way since quilting began. Even our Mother's would be amazed at your longarm quilting machine.


Linda said...

Love the Cherrywood fabric piece. Perhaps you might look at the "dark" areas as segments and quilt around them avoiding the light colors? You could still use the variegated thread since the dark segments are made up of different shades.
Does this make any sense?

Dolly said...

Oh, Wanda, I really like both of these quilts.

The quilt top that I basted yesterday is basically the same design as your new one there, only with a wider strip (1 1/2 inch) and full-sized. I, too, am now going through the same mind rehearsal/tryouts of likely quilting designs. I don't even know yet if I want to machine or hand quilt it.

Looking forward to seeing more of your finishes. You're on quite a roll !

Muddling Through said...

You have been a busy little bee! The first one is so neat looking. I look forward to seeing what you decide for the quilting. I know it will be good.

marina jason said...

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