Monday, June 18, 2012

Another student link..........

Here is a link to another student's blog post about my class in NC.  Check out her work on her blog.  She makes some great stuff!

I forgot to show this sample to my Thursday class in NC. I always have them piled in order and somehow missed this one.  It is an example of leaning toward the next colors in the color wheel.  This one is blue with turquoise and periwinkle added.  Here is a better shot of it.
We should have hung this little quilt higher for all of the attention it got.  Here is the post with the step by step of how I made it.  The show is hanging at Ciel Gallery until June 30th if you are in the area of Charlotte NC and want to see it in person.


Anonymous said...

I was unable to check in yesterday... I really enjoyed seeing all your "exuberant" work in your container gardens. Like your quilts they are wonderful. Especially liked the one photo of all of them together.

Pie looked delicious ! Wonderful neighbor, I'd say. And I know your nephews liked their quilts. You remember everyone... don't you?

And today... BLUE is my color and the quilt is stunning. Will now go and check out 'your students' blog.


Muddling Through said...

You amaze me always. I cannot imagine making even one of those strip pieced kaleidoscopes and here you've made three!

HollyM said...

No wonder they were looking closer. It's a lovely and interesting piece!

Gene Black said...

Ha, if there were no "do not touch" signs, i would have been looking at the backs also.

Looks like the student took away some great color skills.

Anne said...

Just beautiful. Triple awesome category. Think I need some lessons!