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Saturday, April 29, 2017

#20 sewn...........

I sewed #20 block and then tried to do a layout with the last triangles that were previously sewn.

There are 2 ways I can do this.  Now I have to piece 8 more squares of 2 triangles to finish this block.  Nothing is planned so far in the first 20 blocks.  I just sewed random sets of 2 triangles together (always with contrasting values), some batches of 8 alike, some of 4 alike, and lots of miscellaneous pairing.  Then I would just play with them to create blocks.  If I planned each block and then looked for fabrics to make them I would be bored with the project really quickly.  I like spontaneous surprises.  I don't plan colors ahead of time.  I choose groups that I think I will like from the supply of sewn squares and start the layout.  If it isn't working I try another color.

The bunny came to clean up under the bird feeder yesterday morning. He/she was there for quite awhile and then hopped on to eat some weeds.  Luckily the bunnies don't eat any of my perennials.


Linda Swanekamp said...

Your color sense always wins over planning first each separate block matchy-matchy. This is why your quilts have sparkle and so much interest all over.

Lola Carr said...

Spontaneity is always the way to go IMHO on projects. Planning, as you said...boring and stressful! I like to "wing it" with my designing. I like that different star design you showed in oranges. Interesting!

That bunny has been seen a few times in the last week in our yard. He/she hangs out under the big blue spruce...and cleans up the sunflower seeds that are dropped.

Hedy Hahn said...

The other day my dogs started barking and there was a deer at our bird feeder eating all the little seeds on the ground. Then another deer came up and finally we had 4 full grown deer in our front yard. They slowly walked down the hill to our lower level eating leaves along the way. I love to watch them, haven't seen our regular bunnies at all this spring.

Melinda Hirsch said...

We get overrun with bunnies in the spring. And they LOVE my perennials--hostas, true lilies, etc. Just about now, the coyotes finish denning and get rabbits, rats, etc , back under control. I adore coyotes--America's songdogs. I have made sure there are plenty of hiding places in the yard just for them.
P.S. I do like how you let go of the planning. And I agree--boring!

JJM said...

The large blocks on the right in both photos fascinated me with how totally different each one is. Using the same fabrics. Such fun to watch you work your blocks.

Cute bunny photo. We have deer and California quail that clean up under our feeders.


Needled Mom said...

Those blocks look wonderful.

You're lucky that the rabbits do not eat your plants like they do here.

MissPat said...

I gave up feeding the birds because of the squirrels. The bunnies eat the plants that the deer don't touch, so I'm about to give up gardening altogether. More money to spend on fabric that way. I'll just use florals in my quilting and enjoy flowers all year round.

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Your colour sense is great. It does not look like that you have reversed the pattern. You should also share the method of sewing with us and how to arrange those patterns?