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Saturday, May 29, 2010

QOV quilt layouts

This is the layout I showed a couple of days ago, but with 2 more blocks added.  Then I tried out some other layouts which I will print to take with me Tuedays to the sew-in.

This second one is like Bento Box.  It will take more time to match seams than the layout above.

A lot of seams need to be matched on this one too.

After seeing this one on the computer monitor, I think the bottom half of blocks should be rotated so there would be a row of squares in the middle and half blocks above and below it.
I bought all of my plants for my porch pots and got 4 of them planted last night.  I will finish today before it gets too hot.  I will remember to take pictures before it gets dark too.


Lynda said...

I just love seeing blocks in different arrangements and the subsidiary patterns they make! I like the Bento boxes best.

Sewing Junkie said...

I like the Bento Box but they all work. Have fun with it. Chris

Maria said...

I agree with both above comments. the Bento Box looks fantastic.

My Cacti are now flowering beautifully. The ones that flower for you in winter.

Jackie said...

So fun to see all the layouts. That is a favorite part of mine, playing with the blocks. Looking forward to seeing your plants.

hetty said...

It's fun to play around with the blocks! I think I like the bento box the best. Can't wait to see your plants.

Jean said...

Looks like you have been busy as always. I am out of school now and going to try to get back into the swing of blogging.I am so behind. :(

crazylegs said...

Bento Box gets my vote too. It's fun to play around with the blocks, though.

Marie said...

While all the layouts are great, I favor the first one the most. Just something about it appeals to me. (I know, I am usually contrary to everyone else.)

Hugs - Marie

Anonymous said...

Layouts are the most fun... And to see what you can do with the same blocks with different arrangements, is inspiring.

I did get my planters planted this week only to have the daytime temps dip down to the 40's. When a week ago we had 80 !


Muddling Through said...

How could you choose? They all look great! But I think you're right on the rotation for the last one.

Shirley said...

The Bento Box is one you see a lot, I love it and made one like it in black and white last year: http://zipjezopje.web-log.nl/zipjezopje/2009/11/bijna-klaar-en.html check out my weblog for the quilting, it was so easy and yet had a grand result!

quiltmom said...

The top one reminds me of a lover's knot pattern Wanda but my favorite is the bento Box pattern.
Enjoy your warm weather and Happy Planting..
It is very cool ( around zero C)and raining today. We are off to the art gallery for one last look at the Degas show. The rest of the weekend is meant for some report card writing.

dianen said...

Another vote for number two, bento box.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

Sharon said...

This is a fun block, yo have lots of options for designs.

Kayjay said...

My vote is the Bento Box. the colours look amazing and stand out more in this pattern.

Vicky F said...

Hi Wanda,
Your porch pots are looking sharp, with lots of color (of course!)
That's my weekend project, getting those annuals into the ground and into my deck railing pots. Whew! Who would have expected 88 degrees 5 days in a row this time of year?
Take care.
Vicky F