Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Still cutting.............

I added another 99 plaid and stripe half hexagons cut with my GO die on my Studio die cutter so I have 235 cut so far out of 64 fabrics.  There are anywhere from 1 to 8 pieces from each fabric with most of the fabrics having 4 pieces.  I have another 30 fabrics that I need to press and cut today.  A couple of the plaids are from the 1970s and a few are Thimbleberry plaids from the 1990s.  The majority however are the Roberta Horton fabrics from the 1990's.

There was a good size piece left after cutting 4 half hexagons so I cut 2.5" squares out of them.

Then I sorted them by color.  I have seen a colorwash done with plaids but I don't have a good enough variety to do that.


patty a. said...

a colorwash in plaids - now that would be different! You sure have a lot of wonderful plaids!

JJM said...

I've been wondering how many different fabrics you used in cutting your hexagons. Such a lot of work even with your die cutter. This going to be one fun piece to watch grow. I just smiled to see your left over 2.5 squares laid out like a color wash. You just can't help yourself but to display them that way.