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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cutting more pieces..........

I cut more pieces from the graphic squares fabric and just laid them on top of already pieced blocks to try to get an idea of how many I need to get a balanced look.  I am going to have to piece more of the small blocks which aren't as much fun to sew.  Meanwhile I have to take a break from this to do my "homework" from church sewing circle on the tote bags we are making.  Also I have cutting to do for a friend before Tuesday.  I may get a few Drunkard's Path blocks sewn but there won't be any major finishing this weekend.
The Rudbeckia in the front garden is starting to bloom.  In the backyard it gets a little more shade so it will be a couple more days before that blooms.  I took this photo at 8 p.m. so the green looks pretty dull.  It is prettier than this.
The Dahlia has four blooms now.  They are still fairly small.  I have another plant that looks like it will be yellow blooms.  The other 2 don't seem to have any buds yet.

The Begonias that I brought in for the winter are doing great.  They were rather spindly all winter but they have really filled out now.


Linda Swanekamp said...

The quilt is really neat and quirky at the same time. It has lots of interest, but is not overwhelming or lost in busyness. I am always amazed at what you come up with. Love the flowers. My asiatic lilies are the star right now.

Judy H said...

Love the addition of the black/white fabric. Makes it really pop.

Melinda Hirsch said...

Gorgeous quilt--loving the colors all together!

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVING this quilt!! My Black Eyed Susans are blooming, too. The only garden photography that I've done has been to take photos of the Iris in my Daisy garden by the mailbox. Strange time for that to have bloomed!

Cathi said...

The effects you're getting with that graphic squares print in the Drunkard's Path blocks are fabulous - that is going to be a really fun quilt to look at!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda, sounds like everyone likes the graphic squares, except me :-(
I love the quilt colors but not the squares.
Your flowers are so pretty.