Sunday, December 18, 2016

The last 4 mug rugs..........

I spent most of the day yesterday baking and making fudge.  Last night I sewed the binding on the last four mug rugs that were quilted.  I will have all of the mug rugs for sale on my Wandaful Quilts blog.

I forgot to do the photo update on my wax bulb Amaryllis.  It is getting taller and no sign that it is going to open yet.  I showed it the last 2 weeks on Fridays.

In front of the  bulb are my shortbread cookies.  I made the green spritz cookies also.

It started snowing early last evening and now the really cold air gets here.  Luckily it isn't going to last long and we might be above freezing by mid-week.


Lesley Gilbert said...

I zoomed in on your beautiful mug rugs - if I had one it would go on the wall, to be looked at every day :) Your Amaryllis looks like you are getting one large bloom and possibly a smaller one to follow. Did the instructions tell you what colour it would be?I bought a pot of 4 indoor Daffodil bulbs last week - one is already in flower and 4 more flower heads showing. They will go in the garden at a later date of course and the label says Narcissus 'Tete A Tete'. I live on the coast by the North Sea and we get daily shipments coming over from Holland via ferry, so they are cheap to buy.
I've been without my pc for 4 days while it got repaired, but I managed to check out your emails on my daughters laptop, but so nice to have my own machine back again. It meant more time to finish off my xmas gifts so worked out ok in the end :)

Mystic Quilter said...

Wow the amaryllis flower spike has really shot up!!

Wendy Tuma said...

Your quilts (and mug rugs) are so inspiring. I enjoy reading your posts each day and seeing what project you are working on. Your amaryllis is coming along really well, but I was distracted by the beautiful quilt in the background (and the red wall). Thank you for the inspiration! Wendy at

Linda Fleming said...

Love your mug rugs!
Your amaryllis is magnificent - I always love watching them grow and flower.
Your red tablecloth is so beautiful - do you have a link to that one?