Monday, July 18, 2016

Colorburst 1

I helped paint the living/dining/kitchen and hallway at my granddaughter's new house.  A couple other people did the high sections.

When I got home I sewed the cross seams on this colorburst wallhanging.  I didn't measure it but it should be about 30" squares.  I turned it sideways so hopefully it doesn't look like Africa or a dog face any more.  I'm not sure which side is up at this point.
This is the whole double design wall with the two pieces.  The second one is going to be a little larger than the first one.


Alice Turcotte said...

Lovely. I see lilies. Your granddaughter is fortunate you are so close.

Needled Mom said...

Did they polish off all of the cookies???? I'm sure it was a fun, family centered work day.

The colorbursts are moving along nicely. Are you going to border them?

patty a. said...

Which ever way you turn it the colorburst is a cool piece!

Mindy said...

I saw what another lady saw, the two flowers in a purplish vase, so for me, the right side is the top. I've got a ton of these 2 1/2 inch squares cut out and want to toy with them now. But, I've got two more days of babysitting my 8 and 5 year old granddaughters this week. Exhausting, but they're adorable. We're even making a quilt together -- not an easy feat with two little girls who want to do EVERYTHING! Whew.

Love love color washes. Your fabrics are so vibrant. I think I want to make a batik one, too.

Thank you for letting us comment -- any way you choose, it will look wonderful!


Mary said...

It's beautiful, Wanda, and I think you've found a new signature technique to add to your portfolio.

Charlotta said...

What's wrong with Africa and a dog face? I think both make excellent motifs for quilts!