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Friday, June 20, 2014

Starting over.......

I had a little better luck with the 6" blocks yesterday and thought I might be done until I saw the photo and could see the line across the bottom.  Once again the camera wants to emphasize the orange and red.  It isn't that bright.

I really wasn't happy with the red and orange along the bottom either so I started over.  Now I see a line on the blue edge and vertically in the 3rd row in from the right.  I need to make more blocks.  That will be after I get home from replacing the 10 year old tires on my van.  I have only a little over 51,000 miles on the van but the tires were starting to show dry rot.

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JoZart said...

I popped in to your blog after you were published a "Blog of the Month" in the British Patchwork & Quilting magazine. It was lovely to find so much inspiration so I've added my name as a follower.
Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda--
I don't know if this is affecting your posts or not, but see today's gurneyjourney.blogspot.com for information about an auto-color-enhancer that was turned on by google plus, which really changed the vibrant colors appearing on that blog. Not sure if you use google plus or not, but it is a setting that can be changed. It could affect how bright your reds appear.

I do love that north winds quilt!

Mary G.

Vicki W said...

Wow, 10 years for tires is really good!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I agree 10 years is a long time for tires, you are lucky you haven't had a flat - I have only had mine for 3 years but keep having trouble with the tires not being balanced and have to get new ones, everything has been checked on it and nothing is wrong - has to be the tires. We also have to get new tires for the motorhome - that is going to be pricey - but must be done they are 7 years old.
The quilt is looking great but I see what you mean about the line

patty a. said...

10 years for a set of tires is great! My car is 12 years old and I must be hard on tires because I think I am on my 4th set with 104,000 miles. The quilt is coming along beautifully!

JJM said...

Now I am anxious to see what you will add to pull it all together. On my screen they all look like sparkling cut gem stones.

WOW you must be a gentle driver to get 10 years of wear on those tires ! Get ready for a shock on the price of those tires .


suemac said...

The blue line is not as obvious as the orange. I like the second setting better.

Mary said...

These are still gorgeous blocks and I know the finished product will be well worth the extra effort.

shirley said...

that is looking really good. it is hard to get them to look like you envision, isn't it. keep at it.

Charlotta said...

This really shows the benefit of using the camera as a design aide! Did you not see the line until you took the picture? Of course, on some level, what does it matter if you can only see it in a photograph - unless this is a quilt for a book?
Hope you don't have to make too many extra blocks before you're happy.
Otherwise, this is a quilt blog, and you've already had enough comments on the new tires, so I'll just say congratulations!

Brown Family said...

I know you will work it out where those lines so not show