Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A little progress..........

I got 13 of the 15 strip sets sewn but only sliced 7 sets.  I was just too tired to sew them last night though.  I ran errands all morning before it got too hot and then stayed in the a/c the rest of the day. 
I have an overachiever cactus on the front porch.  It has a bud already (near the top left of the photo).  They usually don't get buds until they come inside in late Sept. and have long hours of darkness.

This one was on the second shelf behind the Creeping Jenny most of the summer.  I switched it to a lower shelf and moved a different one up there.  Maybe the cool nights we had last week got it thinking it was time to bloom.  It is my pale pink plant and it bloomed in both Oct. and April.


Sewing Junkie said...

This whole summer strange events have happened with plants. Today is my errand day. Maybe today you will feel more like sewing. Chris

suemac said...

Hope you plants are enjoying their summer vacation.

Susan said...

A sure sign of fall! My cacti are all outside still and I haven't paid much attention to them at all. I guess I should check them for buds too!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the heat has been bad again, I have been staying in the A/C a lot too

JJM said...

The vivid African fabrics with your blacks are just plain exciting. I don't think I sent in a comment yesterday did I ? (*._,*)

Your plant nursery is awesome... I too would be thrilled to see blossoms on plants that bloom out of it's scheduled time.

The heat will certainly zap our energy.... then add some smoke from all of our forest fires it really causes fatigue, headaches and nausea. Really hit hard again with the smoke. Local t.v. news told us that we are even getting the smoke from Yosemite fire... as if we didn't have enough already.


Lostinspace said...

Just to say I am really enjoying watching you put all these colours together, great fun and an eye opener.

Brown Family said...

It has been a strange summer. My tomato plant has three cheery tomatos in July and is blooming again at the end of August!

GerryART said...

It's got to be that our crazy weather conditions of late
Has done it's thing to our vegetation

Most trees here have either started dropping leaves
And/or turning color
Lawns are fading in color and lushness

Go figure