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Monday, July 22, 2013

16 tote bags...........

Today is church sewing circle so I am finishing up the last 16 tote bags for the migrant workers' children.  Most are ready to press down the top edge 1" and do 2 rows of stitching.

The neighbor north of me moved earlier this month so she left her tomato plants with me.  That is a 5 oz. paper cup in there so you can see the plum shaped tomatoes are small.  There were 2 of the larger ones.

Here is what is left of the second larger tomato.  It was really good!


Gene Black said...

Peace be with you Wanda.
(and that sandwich looks really good!)

Beth said...

Good Job!!!

Vicki W said...

Good for you!

JJM said...

Fun post today Wanda. Love the totes and so will the children.

OMG... A BLT ~ looks so very GOOD !

nestki said...

PS LOVE your pink and green, and the bags, too!