Friday, May 10, 2013

Tutorial for Two for One, Grandmother's Dream and Boston Commons

PDF for Two for One method for Grandmother's Dream and Boston Commons
Boston Commons
Grandmother's Dream


JJM said...

Your posts today are wonderful. Thank you. Do not know if I will ever attempt to make them. But I printed them out with grand dreams of trying.

Love your Yoyo's.


suemac said...

I think I get it. Nice tut.

Rosa said...

Wow,spectacular.Thanks so much!!

sally in st. paul said...

Thanks a bunch. After your initial post on this quilt, I gathered 15 colors of batiks- so I am ready to go.
Half the work, twice the fun!
I am going on vacation for two weeks, and have this to look forward to upon my return.
Au Revoir(I am going to Paris, and have located a quilt shop near Notre Dame).
Sally in St. Paul

crazylegs said...

Thanks for the post, I am inspired to try a small one. Your colors are beautiful.

Brown Family said...

THank you. I will be printing this out!


Elaine said...

Thank-you, Wanda! Also, if you would be so kind, have I fixed my e-mail issue. I noticed that I was still being shown with a Google + even though I had cancelled. This morning I think I removed the last barrier but can't tell from this end. Have a great weekend and a lovely Mother's Day.