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Friday, July 27, 2012

Neat piles.......

Someone asked me on my blog one time how I kept my fabric so neat on the shelves.  You can see the pastels are very neat and the browns below are a little messier.
The answer is that when I need some fabric from a shelf I bring the whole pile down to my sewing cabinet so I can go through it one piece at a time.  Then I restack the pieces I'm not using very neatly and replace them on the shelf.
The pile that was on the table is now neatly back in place.
This is the batch I pulled out to cut into the batik kits.
I cut 35 more fabrics yesterday, up to 85 total now.

We got 15 minutes of rain yesterday so I pushed all of the pots out far enough from the garage to get wet.  I have to document what a wet driveway looks like since most of the storms have missed us or have occurred at night and the driveway is already dry by morning since it was a light rain.
A goldfinch came by right after it finished raining.  He was pretty wet.  You can see raindrops hanging from the flower petals.
A few minutes later Mrs. Finch joined him for a treat of coneflower seeds.


Suzan said...

Looks like your coneflowers are giving up the ghost early this year just like mine are! Finches of all sorts have been hanging out in my garden because seed heads on many of my flowers are already exposed and ripe for the plucking.

Ольга Т. said...

Иметь столько тканей - мечта любителей пэчворка! Всё подобрано по гаммам цветов. Супер!

Jackie said...

I think I could use a little bit of your organizational skills for my stash. Mine doesn't look so neat. I know it only takes a little time and effort, but I really seem to be lacking the time these days. Love the finches!!

Anonymous said...

Somehow your fabrics always look prettier than mine ever did, even when some of them are the same fabrics! (How does she do it!?!)

I am loving the pastels, especially!


Sewing Junkie said...

I get organized and unorganized. I don't practice the skill long enough to show. We had two rains yesterday and it was .35 inches. Not enough. Chris

Gene Black said...

Oooh.. the kits will be wonderful. Seeing the fabrics is just building my excitement.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love how you store your fabric so nice and neat. I do mostly but but in recent months i have not been as neat putting things back and I need to go back through it and neaten it up somewhat.
We got 3/8" of an inch last night and needed more but satisfied we got some.

Quiltdivajulie said...

We've had a pair of goldfinches all summer - first year they've stayed more than a day or two. Love how bright and cheerful they are.

Woke up to wet ground this morning - what a treat. We are so far behind on rainfall this year - scary-far behind.

Your stash is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needled Mom said...

I'll have to remember to bring the whole pile out to choose what I need.

Yeah....rain. Bet the plants loved it.

hetty said...

Wish I could keep my fabrics as neat and organized as you do. I was trying to move some fabrics from my cutting table back to my storage bins a couple of days ago and I dropped them. What a mess! They are still on the floor.
We had a whole night of rain two nights ago. It was the first good soaking we have had all summer. I could hear my plants singing. It stayed damp and humid all the next day too. I didn't have to water anything and that was nice for a change.

Anonymous said...

My gosh Wanda ... the stack you thought was messy was far from being messy.

The kits are moving right along. And what you pulled to show us on your blog today ~ look like the centers for the kits. So pretty !

Only 15 minutes of rain so unusual for you, to get so little. Just too sad about the drought you are going through.


Mary said...

It is such an inspiration to see how you manage your stash! It takes a lot of discipline on your part.

Muddling Through said...

It's hard to stay neat, but in my small space I have to do that or be buried! Your shelves look very neat. Glad you got some rain. The goldfinches are so pretty. Thanks for sharing them.

Ania said...

Your batik set looks wonderful already. That would be wonderful little quilt.
I finally finished main little quilt from class in Charlotte. All my friends and I love this charming quilt. It is hanging on my best spot in the house. I was so lucky to be in your class. Hopefully you come back to Charlotte soon?

Lynne said...

My goodness. Your stacks of fabric are very neat indeed. My fabric is purchased by the half metre, iron and folded In such a way that the raw edges are safely tucked inside then stood on end in a drawer. Tidy as I am, I still don't think I could match you for neatness!

Connie said...

Wonderful organization Wanda, I remember you talking about it before! Now to just remember to remove the whole stack when I'm picking out fabrics! Your Coneflowers look like mine.....we got a little rain also.