Saturday, June 16, 2012

I made a purchase............

While I was visiting Ciel Gallery where my show is hanging, I made a purchase.  A museum charges admission.  A gallery lets you browse for free and depends on purchases to keep their doors open.
I was impressed with the nice jewelry pouch holding my purchase.  It will be handy when I travel next time.
I love necklaces and especially hand made ones with lots of different elements.
There are 5 partners in Ciel Gallery with a variety of products available.  Some of them do commission work also.  If you have enjoyed a visit to a gallery lately, tell your friends about it.  If you know of an office that is being redecorated or a friend needing fresh new art for their walls, check out Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, NC and all of the neighboring galleries.  Of course the featured artists would like sales too, to cover the costs of shipping, hanging, and insurance to produce their month long shows.  Here is a link to the current show (mine).  You can check out my posts about the gallery if you go to my label list (right sidebar) and click on NC.  The photos on the website and my blog were taken different times of the day so you can see them in all different kinds of lighting, some natural daylight, some artificial lighting.

Also while there check out my daughter's studio space.  It is a dream studio and you can see her works in progress as well as items she sells.


Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Really nice necklace Wanda! I like that little 'see-through' bag too!

I so enjoyed your gallery showing and and reading and seeing all about it. It was just like we were there in real person. I know documenting this is hard work and time consuming and I thank you and the others who helped you with it!

Anonymous said...

Oh~ ~~ what a lovely necklace. I too love hand made 'custom' jewelry pieces.

Great post for your daughters and friends Ciel Gallery. I know you are proud.


Carol E. said...

I usually buy a necklace when I travel. I love hand-made memories of where I've been.

Lynn said...

I followed the link and saw your show pieces. I am always bowled over with awe at your art. Beautiful quilts amazing color excitement. I see some have sold. congrats and wishing you many more sales!

The gift of jewelry to yourself much deserved and lovely. Wear it in good health.

Taos Sunflower said...

Last time I went to the gallery website, I didn't follow the link to Vicki's own website and blog. Wow. Her work is gorgeous. No wonder you're so proud of her. Have you ever done any mosaic yourself?