Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lots of things....

This is how I end almost every day when I'm too tired to do anything else.  I had 16 stacks of 2.5" squares to divide into 2 kits each.  Some nights I get one done, some nights 2.  
 I have 2 small redbud trees that volunteered to grow along my driveway.  They are big enough now to have lots of blooms.  They are on the north side of my driveway so they won't provide me with much shade but they will give the neighbor's driveway the shade.
Violets are blooming.
Pulmonaria/lungwort is up and blooming.  Oh, gee, look at all of the creeping Charlie in there too!  I think I see some wild strawberry in there too.  Both weeds send runners and it is impossible to keep them under control.
The lungwort always jumps the rock edging of the flower bed and comes up in the grass.  Since I knew it would be grass cutting time soon I dug it and potted it to share with some friends. 
Late in the afternoon I was the trusty assistant to my son as he installed a new larger window air conditioner for me.  I'm hoping for a cooler house this summer.


Chris said...

Glad you're getting that A/C, hope it works for you - we have one large and one small a/c and it cools our whole house. People think we have central air. good luck!

Sewing Junkie said...

I would have been the supervisor not the assistant. LOL. The squares are intriguing. Looks like fun. Chris

Cathi said...

What fun to have all those squares ready for when inspiration strikes!
I can't get over how much is blooming there already!

Anonymous said...

Just can not believe your weather. But love seeing all your blossoms.

Too tired to do anything else... but you sort fabrics for kits. You are too much lady... you do not waste a minute.


Donna said...

Love to see all your garden blossoming. We still have snow on the ground up here in northern Alberta! I always loved pulmonaria - the different colors of the blossoms is so pretty. Enjoy your spring.

Char said...

I have the same problem, I have given up and let the strawberries do what they like.

Vicky F said...

Hi Wanda,
It seems like the redbuds are extra pretty this year; yours, too?
I think we are at least a month ahead of usual bloom time. A little worrisome for all the fruit farmers near here.
I'm curious what you're planning for the 2.5-inch blocks!
Vicky F