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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving USA friends........

I had to take advantage of an uninterrupted day yesterday to get one more quilt quilted.  I have been working on this one off and on for about 3 years for the sewing machine store in town and finally finished the top a couple months ago.  I cut the binding and got it sewn on last night.  I still need to hand sew it down. 

My brother and I will go to Dad's residence to eat Thanksgiving dinner with him today.  Half of my family is out of state and the other half was going somewhere else today so I didn't have to cook the turkey for the first time in about 13 years.

Tomorrow and Saturday I will be working at Quilter's Heart where the sale has jumped to 50% off for the remaining 5 days of business.


Sewing Junkie said...

Have a Great day with Your Dad. The quilt is bright and someone will enjoy it down the road. Chris

HollyM said...

It's nice to have another finish.
Enjoy the dinner with your Dad. You'll have a bit of a rest not having to cook this year.
That's good because it sounds like you'll be busy at the store.

Donna said...

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful time spent with your Dad. Enjoy your time of not being in the kitchen!

Cathi said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your dad!
How nice you don't have to cook this time -- and can just enjoy someone else's cooking.

dianen said...

I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving with your dad. It doesn't matter where you are, just who you're with.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

Have a great Thanksgiving with your brother and Dad. This year - no turkey leftovers!

LC said...

I know that you are thankful every day -- so enjoy this special day with all the thankfulness that is in your heart!

hetty said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Wanda! Hope you have a lovely dinner with your Dad.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Wanda! Hope your Dad is doing
well today! jmh

Anonymous said...

So nice to gather for Thanksgiving and so nice that it is over. Here it is 10:00 p.m. and I am just getting to my computer.

Looks like a fun baby quilt you quilted.

Nice you and your brother went to your Dad's to join him for Thanksgiving.

Have fun working at Quilter's Heart ... I would think at 50% off now inventory will disappear fast.