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Friday, June 3, 2011

Now they are blooming.....

Now the peonies are all starting to bloom.  Today it is supposed to get really hot so I expect a lot more buds to pop open.

I delivered all of the cut strips and corner squares to my friend yesterday, mailed a package with some fabrics I chose for an internet friend, cut some more strips for my upcoming project and then spent an hour or more looking for the sheet of paper with all of my calculations for the cutting.   I never did find it so I guess I'll figure it out again and this time make a photocopy of it so I have a backup.


Pat said...

The peonies are looking wonderful. Even though we have had tons of rain it sure has made a difference in the garden. My seeds came up in 4 days.

I guess we all have had some problems when sewing our quilts. I also had a problem with a quilt I finished the other day but I'm not tellin' where. LOL

Mary Ann Van Soest said...

The peonys are pretty. The gardens are starting to show color now. Great after that long winter.
Fabric.com has a Kaffee sale, I gave in and ordered some favs. Found a coupon online and spent only $6 a yard. He is my weakness after batiks.
Have a great day.

Carol said...

Terry brought Peonies home last year and they are beautifully blooming. I just love them.

Here's a laugh for you. When we were first married I didn't know anything about gardening. I planted peonies and the next year when I saw ants on the buds I sprayed ant killer on them. Boy, have I learned a lot!

Have a great weekend.

Mary Ann Van Soest said...

Coupon code for Fabric.com is BOXSTF42 in case you need more Kaffe fabric. lol

Needled Mom said...

Those peonies are just gorgeous!!!

I hope you find those calculations.

Julia said...

Your peonies are very pretty. Mine have come and gone. Now, I have my hydrangea and day lilies.

Cathi said...

How gorgeous! Apparently our peonies are about 2 weeks late this year thanks to the chilly wet weather we had in May. I'll be haunting the florists until they come in.

Pattilou said...

Lucky you and peonies! In several houses we've lived in I've tried growing them--for some reason I've always failed. But, I love them. Yours are beautiful!