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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Triangles, and more triangles......

I taught a finishing class yesterday and there were some last minute cancellations because of sickness so I had time to do some sewing too during the class.  I took along my Thangles and strips and got all of these done.  They are for these blocks
Now I am scurrying to have all my samples finished for today's class.  When I started making mistakes last night I quit and left some to finish this morning.


moosestashquilting said...

I hate quitting when I know it's time. Mistakes seem to happen just about the time I want to push to the finish. ARRRGH. Good choice to walk away to take in on in the morning. I need to learn that control. It sure would save my stress level sometimes! :-)

LynCC said...

Oh, same here, moosestash - The house is finally settled after the evening business, people are happily doing what they want for the rest of the waking period, so we can have some good uninterrupted sewing time - only to find we're tired out enough from the day that we're making mistakes! Drives me nuts. :)

Lately I've had so much trouble with this that I've given up even going to the machine after 8:30ish, settling instead for some handwork at the TV with my hubby. Got a binding to work on? A label or hanging sleeve to stitch? Not tonight? Cool - let me grab my yo-yo or hexie box. . . ;D

oops - didn't mean to hijack the comment page!

karenfae said...

that's how I am - when I start to make too many mistakes I know it is time to quit and begin again the next day.

Bunny said...

Love the triangles gorgeous colours. I know lately I can't stitch late in the evening anymore. I used to be able to stich forever. Hope you get everything done for today.

Pat said...

Some nights I am too tired to sew and others I hate to quit the sewing. Tonight is a too tired night. I have a quilt to put sashing on and just can't seem to get into it.