Monday, February 28, 2011

This morning.......

Lots of rain last night, freezing temperatures overnight.  Results: frozen drips.


GerryART said...

We had a bit of weather last night.
The tornado sirens went off for about twenty minutes.
Grabbed my netbook, cell phone and landline phone and headed downstairs.

Not much happened here in town but some outlying areas lost roofs, etc.

BUT we are all VERY HAPPY no ice ! ! ! ! ! !


karenfae said...

the skies are blue this morning and our temperatures are dropping as the front comes though with a norther wind today - February is going out chilly for us after our warm day yesterday.
The ice on the trees looks pretty - good thing it isn't a heavy coat of ice though to bring branches down.

Pat said...

Yes it was beautiful this morning in Homer Glen, Il. The trees and evergreens looked as there were crystals hanging off of their limbs. You took some very nice pictures of the trees.

Anonymous said...

No one can beat mother nature when it comes to embellishing.


Beth said...




Stay safe and warm.

Celia Ciuffo said...

Admiro profundamente sus trabajos!!!
Soy Celia de Argentina

Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

I've never seen such iffy weather! We had near 70 today but the temps will go down into the 30's this week... a 40-degree swing.

I like the pillowcases, it must feel good to do the final 100! Great job.


Muddling Through said...

The frozen drops look so pretty, but I know you must be getting tired of the cold. Good excuse to stay in and sew though, isn't it?

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Thankfully no ice here.
Sure looks pretty on the branches thought.
Mary Ann

Julia said...

very pretty. I hope the buds on the trees aren't out yet. Ours are. We had tornado warnings here today.

imquilternity said...

Very lovely. LOVE that 2nd photo!

Joan said...

Looks lovely and cold. We too are having strange weather..yesterday in the Perth hills a huge storm hit, roofs off, trees down rain with falsh flooding and hail...amazing...and its still HOT!

LC said...

These photos are beautiful... and even with such odd weather, I'm glad that you can see beauty and remind me to look for it too. We have 7' snow piles on both side of our street, with fresh snow falling and predictions of more to the end of the week. I will look for beauty!