Saturday, January 8, 2011

link for spray basting


Suzan said...

I stopped pin basting as soon as I saw Patsy's technique about 4 years ago. I love spray basting!

Pat said...

I have tried spray basting, and like the technique, especially for smaller projects like table runners/toppers, purses and baby quilts. I always found it a bit tedious, though, getting all the lumps an bubbles out. The idea of doing it on a wall is brilliant. And this video is quite good! Many thanks for posting it.

Linda said...

Thanks Wanda! Think I might have to try this!

quiltmom said...

Spray basting is the way to go- it is fast and easy and make it so much easier to quilt a quilt without all those pins. I have always been lucky to have access to a space somewhere to lay a quilt out on some tables but I think sounds like a great idea for a wall if you have that physical space.
We always tape the bottom layer to the table and spray the in between layers, one half of the quilt at a time.
We also have used clamps that woodworkers use to hold the fabrics to the table and they work really well too.
Thanks for the link- I will have to check it out too.

QuiltNCards said...

You have saved me the worst part of quilting... I hate to baste. I'll be spraying from now on.
Thanks Wanda!

Penny Schine Gold said...

Thanks for the link and your testimony on using this method. I've always avoided it, worried about possible long-term affect on the fabric. But if you and Patsy Thompson are using the spray, that's a great endorsement! I will definitely try this for my next sandwich.

Sheila said...

Thank you for the like to this YouTube video. I'm going to spray baste my next quilt.

Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

Wanda, thanks for the spray basting link!

Basting on the wall looks neater than crawling around on the floor; that method always left me with creases in the back, no matter how careful I was.