Friday, January 21, 2011

a few blocks, good program

Yesterday was errand day but I did get some more blocks made.  I chipped away at more of the ice on the driveway and have it about 2/3 cleared now.  That ice is heavy!  And of course they are predicting more snow. 

I thought I should address this comment left yesterday.
Good Morning - do you cut the 6", 4.5" and 2.5" for a particular reason. Do you find these sizes easier to work with for the type of quilts you make - I was surprised you didn't have any 3 or 3/12".

The answer to why I cut the sizes I do: Know thyself.  I know what I use most often, what I can cut down into other sizes without having to take the same 92 blue fabrics off the shelf again to cut one piece.  As far as why I didn't cut 3 or 3.5"?  It is a simple math solution.  6.5" + 4.5" + 2.5" = 13.5" or 3/8 of a yard.  There simply wasn't enough of most of the fabrics to cut 2 more sizes of strips.  I have a lot of half yard cuts.  By the time I do a clean up cut and then cut 13.5" there is about 4" left.
I can easily cut a 4.5" strip into a 3" strip and have a 1.5" strip left over.  Also 2.5" and 4.5" work with each other in many patterns.  If you want to do a lot of cutting, you just have to know yourself and your most used sizes.
As far as questions on other methods of triangles, I have discussed that before here which has links to previous posts about Thangles also.  I have also shown rulers here which give the same end product.
Last night we had an excellent program at computer club.  This is a site you may want to check out if you want to know which over the counter medicines are rated the best for each ailment.  Mr. Georgis is very ethical and did lots of research for 3 years for the information on his site.  He told us that there are very few medicines that you need prescriptions for any more because most of them have become available OTC.


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Thank you for that expalnation. That answers all the questions that have been bouncing around in my head. Being new to this quilting world I am grateful for your blog which gives such good information.
Maybe I should get a cup of tea sit in my chair and read you blog back to inception.
Than I will quit asking questions.
Yours is the first blog I read in the morning.
Mary Ann

Jackie said...

Great post, Wanda! Glad you have most of the ice gone. Right now ours is being covered by about 6-8 inches of snow. I am really getting tired of this pretty quick. Thanks for the website on the pharmacist too. Always good to know.

Stray Stitches said...

Great information in this post. I hope you don't get too much snow from the next storm coming in.

The Calico Cat said...

Great posts for at least 2 points, both relating to "Know thyself."

I don't precut in general, but for novelties, I cut 5 & 3.5. = Know thyself!

Pharmacy info - Know thy Healthcare Savings Account/insurance. I'll take a Motrin Rx over OTC everyday, because my HSA will reimburse it & while they are at it, they only had to reimburse $.85 for my Rx & $.46 for my husbands. (Mine was a higher strength.) So they were less expensive that OTC at the same time.

& Feel free to send some snow my way - Sunday night would be an ideal timeframe. & Make sure that it is a lot of snow. I'm tired of 2 inches here 2 inches there.

*karendianne. said...

Excellet post. Know thyself! :) I'm not a pre-cut kinda gal except for 1.5" strips and 3.5" strips. Which I guess makes me a sorta precut gal. Hmmm. I better rethink myself. hee!

Sue said...

Great cutting information.
I appreciate the pharmacy info as we are approaching medicare signup.

We must have similar weather. We got 8" of snow yesterday here in western Ohio.

Sequana said...

This just strikes me as funny. *S* Are you computer club people getting more and more tuned into medications? I hope you don't have a funeral director speak next time. HA!

Or do you always have a speaker who has a website?

Good luck on your driveway. It's gonna snow a tad almost every day for at least a week and not be warm enuf to melt ice.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Thanks for all of the information!


Cathi said...

Those blocks all look so fabulous! I always love seeing the blocks you're making and your colour combinations!

Quiet Quilter said...

I am really just starting to cut down my stash. I appreciate knowing the reasoning behind the cut sizes. I am now re-thinking the clear shoebox containers holding a dozen or so sizes. Your logic makes sense and might even free up some containers for other uses! Thanks.

Dora, the Quilter said...

I wasn't aware of the pharmacistrecommends site. Thanks!
Now if I could just find a single site that would recommend nutritional supplements for similar kinds of symptoms instead of having to search a whole bunch of sites.