Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another gift, bird feeders, and rascals....

My gift from the rest of the family was a gift certificate from Batiks Plus.  I wanted to hurry and use it because they have free shipping until Dec. 31.  I chose some fill in colors for my stash and my package arrived yesterday.

One of my friends gave me this 'squirrel proof' bird feeder for my birthday and Christmas combined.  Here is the 'rascal' who is proving that he can bend the leaves with his teeth and get into the feeder.  I put my boots on and went out and set the spring lighter so the leaves will cover the openings better when weight is put on it.  I also bent all of the leaves back into shape.

Shortly after I came inside I noticed this guy on the feeder.  He stayed there a long time so I was able to get a couple photos of him.

I even used the super zoom.  It is hard to hold the camera steady enough for it.  Another bird came to visit too.

I forgot to post this photo last week when we got the 4" of snow.  Those are coneflower heads with the snow hats on.  In the background is the brush pile that won't get picked up by the city until April.  Even a squirrel sneaked into the photo.


Maria said...

Wishing you a happy belated birthday Wanda.
What a sneeky squirrel.
Love the phots of the beautiful bird and the snow.

Sewing Junkie said...

We will loose all our snow in the next few days. Suppose to get to 49*F on Sat. We havwe no where else to push the snow. Plan on sewing today. Chris

Linda M said...

Love those batiks, Wanda - I was slobbering all over the screen! Does your squirrel know the feeder is s'posed to be "him" proof? LOL I'm glad the birds were able to get some too!

Today's secret word is "therst"


Anonymous said...

Hello Wanda - A belated Happy Birthday to you. Lovely batics, beautiful woodpeckers but squirrels get hungry too. Are you going to throw some food out for them? Everything they buried to get them thru winter is under all that snow.

Denise in Sacramento (the possum lady that loves all animals)

Gene Black said...

Oh what a nice gift. I love batiks.

There is a bird like that who visits our feeders. I believe he is a yellow-bellied sapsucker. They are such fun to watch.

Tine said...

Happy birthday - even if it is a little late ,)
The batiks are wonderful, what a great present!

Laura said...

Great choices on the batiks and the pictures of the critters in your yard are always great. Thanks for sharing!

Stray Stitches said...

Love the fabrics you selected!
That is one determined little squirrel you have - lol! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

Dru said...

Great picture of a red-bellied woodpecker. I always thought they should be called a "mohawk" woodpecker :-) Love that bright spot of color on their head.

karenfae said...

Beautiful fabric!
From my sewing table/desk I have a perfect view of the bird feeder/suet hanger/thistle seed bag - such a nice view! love you birds.

Bunny said...

Love those photos boy I LOL with that squirrel they are really smart little things aren't they. Your batiks are wonderful. Happy Newy Year

Jackie Russell said...

Great fabrics! I have that smae bird feeder. We don't have problems with the squirels were I live for some reason. Maybe since we a pretty rural the squirels have other things to eat.

Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift!!!!

That little squirrel looks pretty determined. The woodpecker is gorgeous!

Vicki W said...

I have been having trouble keeping the squirrels out of the peanut butter. I spread it on the tree trunk for the birds. This week I added a lot of tabasco sauce to the peanut butter. I think it has worked. Apparently it doesn't bother the birds at all.

Muddling Through said...

Those pesky squirrels will sneak into anything! I used to think they were so cute until the year they took one bite out of every ripe tomato in our garden. Since then - no!

Those fabrics are so pretty. There's just something about the batiks, they shine!

Cindy said...

Love those batiks! Your squirrel photo really made me laugh. Those critters are something else! Loved your bird photo too. During the winter here we generally get sparrows and magpies at the feeder.

Vivian said...

Your chosen batiks are lovely.
I've watched some interesting TV programs (mainly on public TV) about "squirrel proof" feeders and how long it takes for those little critters to solve the puzzles put in their way. Hopefully yours will be a success.
The white ground cover probably isn't going anywhere, if our weather forecasts are correct. I can always count on you to have some photos that make me feel better about early winter snow. You show the BEST of the snow-- the beauty of it.

Cathi said...

Gorgeous batiks!!
Those squirrels are a lot smarter than the designers of the feeders think!

GerryART said...

Squirrels ! ! ! !
The ones that visit our feeder come from across the street, dang, they are as fat as can be.
Thank goodness they do leave once in a while and let the birds eat.
Lots of Cardinals this winter.

Happy Winter Hugs,

Lynda said...

My Dad had a squirrel-proof feeder which the squirrels love to feed from too! They're clever little creatures!

quiltmom said...

Great fabrics and wonderful gift for you Wanda- I especially like the piece near the bottom left with the squares stamped on it.
Those squirrels are pretty clever aren't they? I love the bird too- quite the handsome dude.
Hope you have a wonderful New Year. I will look forward to seeing your new projects.
Warmest regards,

Elaine Adair said...

Your coorwash K quilt is soooo pretty. Hope you can finish it soon.

I never had heard of Charley Harper before and did some surfing to learn something new - thanks!

Good luck with those squirrels. Impossible to keep them out, I think.

patty a. said...

The photo of the coneflowers reminds me that I had a purple coneflower at my home in Dover. I don't have one in my garden in Akron, but I think I am going to be on the lookout for one. I still have some space in my front garden for some plants. I will have to do some research though to find out if the deer would eat them.