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Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot and steamy

I finished cutting the strip sets for the QOV quilts into blocks and sewed a bunch of them yesterday.  It was hot and steamy yesterday so I only spend small amounts of time outside.  I cut down a bunch of volunteer trees and cut low hanging branches on one big tree.  In the evening I went out to fill the bird feeders and got at least 10 mosquito bites in 5 minutes.  If anyone was watching me they would have wondered what dance I was doing.  I was swatting and swinging!
I pulled some candidates out for the last 2 blocks on the Kaffe quilt but didn't get any cut.

This is the jungle by the porch and sidewalk.  The sun was shining so bright it makes my house look white.  The tiger lilies started blooming 2 days ago.

They are almost as tall as I am so I only had to duck a little to look up at this beauty.  I found this species on the internet and it is called the Wild Tiger Lily.  It drops its little black bulbs that form all along the tall stalks and multiplies like crazy.  Either they blow in the wind or the birds carry them because they are growing on the other side of the porch now too.

The blue balloon flowers are in full bloom now.  The plant to the right of the bloom is the skeleton of an evening primrose.  The Japanese Beetles love them.  I had never seen one of the beetles until a couple years ago and now they are everywhere.  They are eating the Rose of Sharon blooms too.
The pale pink balloon flowers have started blooming now too.  And, yes, that little maple tree is still there in the front garden.  I am going to have to do some serious digging in this garden but I don't want to irritate my hip joint that gave me problems early this spring.
It was good to hear from a bunch of new readers yesterday.  Most were anonymous (although some identified themselves in the comment) or no reply bloggers so I couldn't personally thank them for commenting, so I'll thank all of you here.  I think this is a win-win situation: I love writing the blog and taking the pictures and you love reading it.  Life is good!


Sewing Junkie said...

The blocks are great. Today I stay in also. I might mow this morning if it doesn't rain right away. The bugs are horrible. The Japanese Beetles have eaten everything here. Now I have baby rabbits eating in the garden. Chris

Twila Grace said...

Your jungle is beautiful, Wanda. The blue balloon flower is so wonderfully blue.

Jackie said...

It is getting hot here too! In the 90s all week. My kind of weather. Your garden is looking very healthy. Don't know why it is but the japanese beetles love my Rose of Sharon too.

Carol said...

Several years ago beetles decimated my flower garden so I bought a beetle bag. I've been buying them ever since. The contraption attracts the beetles with a ferome cube and they fall into the bag. When we work so hard with our flowers, we deserve to enjoy the beauty of the blossom. I vicariously visit your garden daily.

Gene Black said...

I love the twisted rail quilt. I am wondering if you have ever done one in Kaffe fabric or other brights.

True Blue Nana said...

I love your tiger lilies. We went to the mountains one time and my mother spotted some along the side of the road. She insisted I let her out so she could dig them up!! We have had several beautiful days but the hot, steamy weather is coming back.

Rita P said...

LOL. I was doing that same dance, Wanda. Good name for it: Swat and Swing. We attacked our "jungles" this weekend as well.

I like the dimensional look of that block.


Needled Mom said...

Here we are having record cool temps!!!!!! The plants are obviously loving your weather.

Your blocks are just wonderful. I just lov the contrasts.

Happy blogiversary!

Cathi said...

Your flowers are beautiful -- obviously thriving in this weather. The quilt has a real depth to it -- really draws one in to look!

Char said...

Love the Balloon flower, I used to have one but it disappeared a few years back.
The Lily is truely beautiful.
Congrats on the Blogiversary, your blog is wonderful!
We're having hot weather now, in the 100's tomorrow and Wednesday.

Julia said...

Great blocks and gorgeous flowers!!!!

*karendianne. said...

Gosh, I so completely love the jungle! I would love to have that in and around my house.

You rock when it comes to cutting strips and putting blocks together I tell ya. :)

Gari said...

Is this quilt easy? It looks like something I would like to do. And I do love your Tiger Lilys. It would be great to have those big orange flowers in the yard.

Rhonda said...

That Tiger Lily is absolutely beautiful...I could look at it all day. Love it!!!!

Pat B. said...

Just recently started reading your blog and enjoy it so much. Re the mosquitoes: When I was a Girl Scout Leader in the 70's, on camping trips, we used diluted Clorox, just a drop or two in a gallon of water. Use an old facecloth, well wrung out, to wipe over exposed skin. It worked for us. You might give it a try if you don't have an aversion to Clorox.

karenfae said...

I love all the flowers and I was so glad that my tall tiger lilies bloomed so I could see them before we left home for our trip. You must be pretty short if they are as tall as you :) LOL
I am so glad to be in western Nebraska now and away from the humidity of the east side of the state - it was awful.(worse than Arkansas is)

Diane said...

What a handsome pattern for a QOV project!

Anonymous said...

QOV is so nice, and whoever receives it will feel your warmth that you put into it.

Love the photo's of your flowers. I just click and drag to my photo's. ☺