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Friday, June 25, 2010


Or is it bone weary?  After 2 days on cement floors, I'm starting to fade a little.  The garage sale went well yesterday.  One more day and it will be all done.  After taking a meal to Dad last night I came home and finished cutting the rest of the pieces from the sewn strips.  I think I will have a baby size quilt by the time I add the setting triangles and a border.

It was a little less humid yesterday (and a beautiful day) but it was still HOT.  When they report that a cool front is coming through, I expect it to be cool.  Is that so much to ask?  We are in for a really hot and humid weekend, and more maybe severe storms.  My house is a pit so I will turn on the A/C and clean it up tomorrow.


Sewing Junkie said...

Today and the sale is over. Great you are getting things done. I need to do some more flower beds and it is almost to hot to think about it. Some areas had fog so you now it is going to be humid today. Take Care Chris

Anonymous said...

My Seattle daughter said that the weather has been beautiful, 77 and very comfortable. Not humid at all,think I should go there for the summer instead of WV. Did you get to sell anymore of your stuff ? Will work on my scraps when I get home, too many ideas on how to design them. You have again inspired me.


Maria said...

Good for you the sale is over and you did well.

Come over here to cool down Wanda. We had 2 deg cel last night and it is very nippy again tonight but I have the heater on.

True Blue Nana said...

Glad the sale went well. My DIL loves to have yard sales and always does really well. It is so so hot here. We went to a baseball game last night and it was miserable. My daughter lives in Hobart, are you close by?

Julie Bagamary said...

Looking good. Somehow I find it hard to imagine your house "a pit".
Hot here too!

Sujata Shah said...

It was 96 degrees here in Philadelphia yesterday! After the afternoon thunderstorms and crazy down pour, the temps went down by 10 degrees. Still not cool enough! I was used to that Seattle weather but at this point we were ready to take whatever came along. The power went out for couple of hours.. No AC..
I was happy that it was few degrees cooler after the storm!
Hope today is a cooler day for you!
Your zigzag looks beautiful!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Re the zig zag scrappy - what length did you cut the strip segments? GREAT way to use leftovers!

100 degrees here for the past several days - very humid - only short lived noisy thunderstorms that cover a 1-2 block area then dissipate (leaky cloud syndrome) . . . summer in the mid-south. And the bugs - ah yes, they have arrived.

The humidity is the hardest part- makes you feel thick and heavy and dull and lethargic ... hard to swim your way through the air. I miss the less humid summers and cooler evenings I remember growing up in Michigan!

Marie said...

I love the quilt. I think I would finish it without the setting triangles - just a zig zag finish.

Hugs - Marie

karenfae said...

love the quilt! cement floors are really bad for standing around on all day. We finally had a rain storm late yesterday afternoon and it cooled off from 95 to 79 in about 15 minutes! felt so good we sat on the porch and enjoyed the cooler temps all evening. Now today will be hot and humid again!

Cheryl Arkison said...

You are generous neighbour, hosting and working that garage sale! Love those scraps!

hetty said...

I always know what our weather will be since it seems to pass over you just before it reaches us. Glad the garage sale is over. That must have been a lot of work.

Jackie Russell said...

Same weather here. I also thought a cool front meant cool. I was about 60 when I left this morning (5:45) but at lunch time is was already 90+. I guess they didn't say it was going to stick around long. Love the colors of the batiks you are using.

Marie said...

Wanda - how do you 'tear' fabric other than from selvage to selvage? I keep reading about art quilts with 'torn strips' like torn paper.


Purple Pam said...

Such a simple design, but so effective with your talent for color placement. Very effective. Glad the garage sale is over. Hope you made lots of $$$$.

Cathi said...

Maybe you'll get our weather -- lovely and warm but not hot and humid. Today was a perfect day.
I love looking at those blocks in that configuration.