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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nature walk, garden progress

After my art quilters' group left I went out for a garden walk and some close up pictures.  Here is the same Jack in the Pulpit I showed yesterday.

I couldn't tell from the kitchen window that this other group of 'Jacks' also had blooms.  There were 2 of them on the cluster of plants.  I couldn't get a good angle for a photo on the other one.

Even though I dug out a bunch of Lily of the Valley there is still another huge patch of it in another spot.  They are so sweet smelling.

There are several large patches of violets as well as others randomly scattered throughout the shade garden in the back yard.  They have quite long stems.  Do you know how long it takes to pick a bouquet of violets?

I picked a little of each of the flowers in the back yard.  I may go out again today and spend more time and get a bigger bouquet.

I tried growing several different plants in this little garden and I just couldn't seem to keep it filled in.  I finally resorted to more hosta, coral bells, lilies and cranesbill and they seem to be doing well.  I also have a little hydrangea bush in the background.  It is at the top right and I cut most of it off in this shot.  It only had 5 blooms last year so I'm hoping to see a lot more this year.


Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Oh your flowers are soooo lovely. I need to be a better gardener!

Jackie said...

Your gardens are coming along beautifully! The bouquet that you picked is just beautiful. Today is quite rainy and cool here, so I am not quite sure how my gardens are doing. Just got back from a 10 day vacation and I am anxious to see how everything has grown.

Geothermal Heat Pumps said...

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Sewing Junkie said...

How did your class go? The gardens are coming along nicely. I have several of the coral bells you have also. Chris

Melody Johnson said...

O Wanda,
How similar are gardens are!! I am jealous that your hydrangea got five blooms last year. One of my hydrangeas finally has buds and I am hoping to see it bloom for the first time. The last shot of your hosta/cranesbill garden is so like mine but your white cranesbills are already blooming. What??? But mine do have buds so if it ever stops raining I am sure I will have blooms too.
I must, simply must, get some jacks in the pulpit into my beds. There are some in the woods, but it seems tricky to get them...surrounded by poison ivy. eeeuuwww.

Muddling Through said...

I love this time of year. Isn't it lovely to see your garden coming back to glowing life! Is that little marigolds I see popping up in the last picture?

Char said...

We had Jacks under our Pine trees, thanks to the birds but I haven't seen them this year.
I will be spending this week transfering my baby coral bells from the patio pavers to the garden!
I need to get some Cranesbill.

karenfae said...

I love the lilies of the valley's I have some of them also and they are really spreading out in one area I will need to do some work on them and dig and divide one day.

Sue said...

so pretty and growing so fast!

Cathi said...

Your garden is so lovely!! We had Lily of the Valley in the garden when I was growing up in a flowerbed that also had ferns. It was always fun to see those little white flowers peeking out from the ferns.

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying catching up with your posts this morning. Your garden blooming flowers just take my breath away. Especially the photo's of the violets today. The color is awesome.


hetty said...

I have a patch of Jack in the Pulpit. They are like your green ones. I would love to get some of the darker ones. None of my lily of the valley are blooming yet. In fact most are not even totally up yet. I think they are in a cold part of my garden, in the shade behind the fence. I love your pretty shade garden and I love spring!

Chris said...

It takes a long time to pick violets!!! We used to pick them in my grandma backyard and make necklaces with them. We would also coat them with sugar and put them in the freezer to add to desert and salads. Every time I see a violet it reminds me of my grandma. I bet your house smells heavenly.

Jodi said...

thanks for the beautiful link! Now I know what Jack in the Pulpit is :-) I have some hostas and I have lily of the valley which smells wonderful! Have a great weekend!