Monday, December 28, 2009

The best part of the pillowcases

is this little pile of scraps left from 16 yards of flannel fabric.Here are the same sedum blooms I have been showing as they looked after the final snow. They were starting to collapse together. You can see how deep the snow is next to the sidewalk. It is already starting to compress so it looks more like 8" or less now.
It didn't feel as cold out today with no wind blowing but it's still below the freezing mark.


Cathi said...

We got a little bit of snow today but tonight the temperature is supposed to drop a lot. I guess winter has arrived.

Sherrill said...

What are your plans for all those flannel scraps and pieces? We have lots of those left over when making the baby rag quilts for the county hospital.

Jackie said...

I am amazed at the amount of snow that you have! We actually have snow, but not as much as usual. Now, mind you, I am not requesting Mother Nature to bring us any more.

SewCalGal said...

I'm using scraps of flannel to make charity kids quilts. The AccuQuilt Go really makes it easy & fast!

I hope you have fun with your flannel scraps!


Anonymous said...

re:flannel scraps... Love that darling little bunny on skates. Plus all of the prints you used for your pillow case gifts. But that little bunny peeking out of the pile made me smile.

Looks like another winter of mounting snow. It sounds like you make the best of it no matter how much you get.


Liza said...

I like your use of fabrics and I may steal some of your ideas. Good luck on finishing all your quilt tops. I think the quilting part is the best part of making a quilt. You have been a very busy lady.