Thursday, September 24, 2009

Final strips sewn

I didn't get very far on cleaning the messy bedroom yesterday. The pastor of my church called and said she was going to be in town and wondered if she could stop for a few minutes. I did a quick pick up of the main rooms in the house since she had never been here before and I only have one chance to make a first impression.

Last night while I watched a couple season premieres I finished sewing the purple and yellow strip sets. I can go ahead and plan my quilt now because I will use the purple and green combination for the class in Oct.
Here is one last picture of the finch. He had just picked a seed out and you can see it in his mouth.
I hope to finish working on the bedroom today. I got most of the summer and winter clothes exchanged yesterday and filled a couple bags to donate.


Beena said...

It feels so good to have a clean home, but it is also the job that never ends (sigh).
Can't wait to see the purple and green quilt come together! Such a great selection of fabrics you chose, and always choose!
Cute finch!

Julie Bagamary said...

The quilt is going to be pretty. I have simular scenes of the goldfinches on my coneflowers as well!

Lynn E said...

I loved the greens you picked out! Question! Do you use your batiks with regular fabrics?

Jackie said...

I bet you weren't so sad that the bedroom had to wait just one more day? I love how the strips are turning out. This quilt is just going to be lovely!

Needled Mom said...

I love the little finch. It is amazing how it stands on the flower.

I can't wait to see which design you will choose for the blocks.

Kathryn said...

Goldfinches are about my favorite bird. They come to our feeder, but my husband also plants sunflowers right outside the window of our computer room. They do quite an acrobatic act getting to those sunflowers. It's amazing how they can open those seeds with just their beaks!! No hands required.

hetty said...

Cute gold finch! I love these little birds. I feed them in early spring - to attract them to my garden, so that during the summer and fall months they will come and eat the seeds from my black-eyed-susans and coneflowers. They often bring their chickadee and vireo friends and have a party!

Anonymous said...

Seems whenever plans are made to accomplish a task... There is always a phone call or knock on the door that turns your day around. All in all I'm positive you impressed your pastor.

The purples and yellows are growing together with your wonderful touch.

I put that little finch from yesterdays post on my digital photo frame. Thank you !


Vicky F said...

Hi Wanda,
Can't wait to see how your layout ends up. Definitely a glowy quilt top waiting to happen.

I never catch my finches on the coneflowers (but I know they pick at them cuz there are seeds missing).
Vicky F

GARI said...

I can't switch my clothes out yet, still wearing shorts. It will probably be at least mid October before it starts getting cool here. I don't really like cold weather but I am really looking forward to when I can start having fires in the fireplace: so cozy.

Catherine said...

What a great shot of the finch.

I'm not ready to put away all the summer clothes quite yet. It's all about denial, even though we have had to turn the heat on a couple of times at night.

The purple and yellow quilt is going to be stunning.